Operating area

Secure Communications

The ability to safely and efficiently handle sensitive information is central to the stability and security of society, particularly when it comes to important social functions and critical infrastructure. Sectra has extensive experience of protecting society’s most critical communications, and is a trusted brand in the area of encryption and secure mobile communications.

Where we are headed

The operating area’s long-term ambition is to be a leading provider of critical cybersecurity solutions for society’s most important functions. We mainly focus on operations that handle sensitive information such as government authorities, defense departments, healthcare and other operations that require a high level of security. Ensuring that these players can execute their tasks in a secure manner increases the potential for an open, safe and stable society.

Quick facts

Figures refers to fiscal year 2021/2022.

  • 100 employees
  • SEK 184.9 million in revenue

Sales channels and geographic presence

Sectra primarily has direct sales. We have our own offices in the Netherlands and Sweden, which are our largest markets, as well as in Finland and the US.

Classified information product offering and customers


Organizations that handle classified information, including the highest security level of top secret, such as defense, the police and other civil authorities, the EU and NATO.

  • Secure mobile workplaces, including solutions for secure mobile communication, collaborative platforms for digital meetings and VPN solutions for secure connections to sensitive networks.
  • Protecting data in high-performing networks.

Monitoring services for critical operating systems


Primarily players in the energy sector and critical process industry. Sectra’s technology also has the potential to, for example, monitor building automation in healthcare and systems for drinking water supply.


Services to detect and manage risks and vulnerabilities and to monitor operating systems.


Where we are now

Sectra helps customers in Europe to secure their communication against eavesdropping and to protect their systems against unauthorized access. We have more than 40 years of experience in the area and are considered one of the world’s leading players in advanced crypto solutions, particularly mobile solutions.

In the Annual Report and Sustainability Report you can read more about:

  • The markets for our offerings and our growth strategy
  • National security—the linchpin of our operations
  • Cybersecurity services for society’s critical functions

The way forward

Activities being prioritized by the operating area in order to reach its long-term ambitions. Some activities have the potential to make positive contributions to the earnings trend within one or two years, but the majority have a longer time horizon.

  • Maintain high level of customer satisfaction by providing good service and working closely with customers during the development of new offerings.
  • Sales of security-approved communication solutions to existing and new customers in Europe, particularly within the Baltics, the Netherlands and the Nordic regions as well as EU and NATO organizations.
  • Sales of customer-specific assignments. Focus on assignments that either provide important developments in expertise or are deemed to have a significant potential to result in product sales.
  • Grow the customer base in the area of critical infrastructure. Primarily by focusing on the energy sector, healthcare and particularly vulnerable areas of process industry in the Nordic region and the Netherlands.
  • Ongoing development of the customer offering for secure remote work via VPN, smartphones/tablets and third-party applications with extra protection against access violations.
  • Increased cooperation with authorities and other companies as well as carrying out complementary acquisitions to meet our customers’ security-related needs.

Magnus Skogberg

President of Secure Communications since August 2022