We take responsibility.

Sectra’s vision is to contribute to healthier and safer societies. Achieving this requires satisfied customers and employees as well as long-term, responsible action as a company on behalf of all stakeholders. That is why we focus our efforts in these sustainability areas.

Here at Sectra, I really feel that we can make a difference.

Chris Scarisbrick, working at Sectra in the UK

Contributing to a better society is very important to me. It makes me leave home and go to work with a good gut feeling.

Adam Alsegård, working at Sectra in Sweden

Our sustainability focus areas

Satisfied customers

The value we create for customers is Sectra’s largest contribution to more sustainable societies. We help our customers provide more patients with the best care possible and protect communication and critical infrastructure in today’s digital society. Our work helps make people’s lives healthier and safer.

Strategies and prioritized activities:
Customer value and innovation.

Satisfied employees

Having satisfied and dedicated employees is a precondition for delivering maximum customer value. We safeguard our corporate culture, fair working conditions, equality and diversity.

Strategies and prioritized activities:
Corporate culture and employees

Responsible conduct

Our approach to conducting long-term sustainable operations can be summarized as follows: treat our customers and other stakeholders as we would like to be treated ourselves. This leads to successful teamwork and prosperous business.

Strategies and prioritized activities:
Taking responsibility for the environment and climate, following fair business principles, counteracting corruption and respecting human rights.

How we contribute to
the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 global goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to eliminate poverty and hunger, protect human rights for everyone, achieve gender equality and ensure the long-term protection of our planet and natural resources. By taking responsibility for how the company’s activities and goals impact the environment, Sectra is contributing to the UN SDGs and the realization of Agenda 2030.

Sectra and the UN SDGs
Sectra and the UN SDGs

UN Goal 3: Good health and well-being

Our medical operations are focused on good health and well-being for patients and for society. Cancer diseases, osteoarthritis and orthopaedic surgery are some of the most costly and resource-intensive areas in the healthcare sector. Our solutions facilitate and optimize diagnostics, planning and follow-up of patients in these areas.

UN Goal 5: Gender equality

We work actively to ensure our workplaces are characterized by equal opportunities and equal treatment, with everyone assuming responsibility for the treatment of their fellow human beings. In line with the company’s policy in this area, we work continuously to promote equal opportunities in order to achieve a gender balance and diversity.

UN Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

A safe and secure workplace that supports employee rights and conditions is important to us, both within our own operations and within our supply chain. Economic growth is one of our prioritized financial goals, where we work to achieve long-term cost efficiency and focus on software products with high margins.

UN Goal 9: Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

In the critical infrastructure product segment, we help society secure access to water and electricity, for example, and to protect these services from different types of threats. In the field of medical technology, we help healthcare providers to offer more efficient care in medical imaging by providing infrastructure, products and services for image sharing within and between different healthcare providers.

UN Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

In the secure communication product segment, we help politicians, authorities and the defense forces to ensure a functioning government. Using codes of conduct, we also actively work to combat corruption and bribery and to comply with all laws and regulations in the areas in which we operate.

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