Group-wide goals

Customers are our top priority. Adopting a structured, long-term approach in order to achieve greater customer value is the main driving force for our employees. We create profitable growth by having satisfied customers and dedicated employees, which ultimately benefits our owners.

Sectra works towards operational targets related to four areas:

  • Customers
  • Innovation/new business
  • Employees/culture/processes
  • Financial outcome

By governing our operations with these goals in mind, we ensure that our operations create value and contribute to sustainable business development. In addition to the Group-wide goals, there are also business-specific goals in each business area and entity.

Operational targets

The value we create for customers lays the foundation for long-term,  sustainable success. The goal is to have a high level of customer satisfaction in the markets and customer segments where we operate as well as to significantly improve our customers’ operations through our solutions.

Our progress toward the goal of customer satisfaction is measured on an ongoing basis through internal evaluations based on the NPS methodology and through leading external evaluations in each area, such as KLAS for our medical IT systems.

Customer satisfaction—number of sub-areas that achieve the goal of NPS ≥ 20.

Our employees—and the corporate culture that shapes their conduct and decision-making—are our main competitive advantage. We therefore aim to ensure we have satisfied employees who perceive Sectra as an equal-opportunity workplace and feel that our corporate culture motivates and inspires them. This is also crucial to our ability to recruit and retain the right personnel.

These targets are monitored through our annual employee survey. To ensure we are growing in an efficient manner, we will also monitor our operating profit in relation to payroll expenses over time.

Corporate culture index—weighs together the answers to questions about Sectra’s corporate culture.

Equal treatment—the degree to which the employees agree with the statement “Sectra is an equal-opportunity workplace”.

Employee “gut feeling”—score for the feeling the employees have when they come to work.

Sectra aims to be a future-proof partner for our customers. Innovation and continuous development are therefore important. Our target in this area can be summarized in a quote ascribed to hockey great Wayne Gretzky: “Skate to where the puck is going to be.” In other words, we must ensure that Sectra is well positioned to meet future customer needs.

This target is monitored through our annual employee survey.

Innovation—the degree to which the employees agree with the statement “Sectra is innovative”.

All three financial goals have been met as of the balance-sheet date April 30, 2021.

Status 2020/2021

The equity/assets ratio exceeds the strategic goal. Increased comprehensive income contributed to a higher equity/assets ratio for 2020/2021.

Why this goal

A strong financial position provides security for customers and enables investments in products, services and areas that create additional value. A strong balance sheet also enables Sectra to finance managed-services agreements with customers, which is a major advantage since demand for these types of agreements has grown in recent years.

Status 2020/2021

Profitability exceeds the strategic goal by a comfortable margin. A higher gross margin and temporarily lower costs for travel and trade fair events as a result of pandemic restrictions contributed to an increased operating margin for 2020/2021. These effects are expected to gradually decline as society returns to more normal conditions.

Why this goal

A healthy operating margin means that the business transactions in which Sectra can provide the most value are given higher priority than devoting resources to areas in which such value is lower. Favorable profitability enables Sectra to implement growth initiatives that generate a strong long-term return for its shareholders.

Status 2020/2021

Growth in profit exceeds the strategic goal. The growth in profit per share is a result of growing sales and Sectra’s long-term efforts to boost cost efficiency while increasing the proportion of higher-margin products, such as software licenses and service sales.

Why this goal

Profit growth is a more relevant goal for the company than higher sales since the proportion of software, services and deliveries via the Internet increases at the expense of hardware deliveries, for example.

The goal is calculated per share in order to include the effects of potential acquisitions paid for with treasury shares and other dilution effects. This places the focus on ensuring that each acquisition results in higher operating profit per share, which is in the best interests of the shareholders.