Business model — our vision, strategies and goals

How Sectra creates value for customers and society

A strong corporate culture lays the foundation for how Sectra creates value for its customers, its employees, society at large and thereby its shareholders. The Sectra culture revolves around customer needs and a long-term approach to everything we do.

Mission statements

Sectra Medical IT Solutions

Medical IT

To increase the effectiveness of healthcare, while maintaining or increasing the quality of care.

Sectra Secure Communications


To strengthen the stability and efficiency of society’s most important functions through solutions for critical IT security.

Group-wide strategies for sustainable value creation
Group-wide strategies for sustainable value creation

Customers first

Our customers are our highest priority. Adopting a structured, long-term approach in order to achieve greater customer value is the main driving force for our employees. We create profitable growth by having satisfied customers and dedicated employees, which ultimately benefits our owners.


  • Customers and customer satisfaction are always assigned top priority to enable long-term growth.
  • Close relationships with demanding customers ensure that Sectra’s solutions meet market demands for quality, functionality, and usability.


A corporate culture that motivates and inspires the company’s employees to solve customer problems, help their fellow human beings and meet—and in many cases exceed—customer expectations.

Four prioritized activities:

  • Hire for attitude and ability. Train for skill.
  • Guide decisions and conduct using a strong corporate culture.
  • Create an environment where everyone, especially those working most closely with our customers, has the possibility of affecting the company’s decisions.
  • Create conditions for employees to continuously develop.

Innovation for sustainable growth

We want our customers to know that we are a future-proof choice that can help them meet the challenges of today as well as tomorrow. That is why we continuously invest in new and ongoing development. Solutions for digital pathology, computer-aided 3D trauma surgery and applications for image analysis based on artificial intelligence (AI) are examples of the results of successful collaborations with universities, hospitals and strategic partners around the world.

  • 10–15% of consolidated sales are invested in R&D every year
  • 22 patent families in the Group


  • Close cooperation with customers, universities and industrial partners in order to identify needs and ideas, is combined with a positive corporate culture where management allows the employees to test out new ideas and projects.

Multi-national presence with the ambition of becoming market leader

Sectra has customers in more than 60 countries worldwide. Sales are conducted in 19 countries through own offices across Europe, North America and Oceania as well as some 50 partners in various regions.

Sectra believes that it is better to be big in a few countries than to be small in many. Our ambition is to be the largest or second largest supplier in selected segments, in the countries where sales are conducted under own management.


  • International expansion mainly in areas and regions where Sectra holds an established position. This will primarily be achieved through organic growth, in certain cases supplemented by acquisitions that strengthen the Group’s organic growth.
  • Expansion into new geographic markets following thorough analysis and at a controlled pace as Sectra achieves a strong position in existing markets.

Examples of the values created for society and other stakeholders


  • More efficient diagnosis and selection of treatment for patients.
  • Increased productivity, high quality and security in the healthcare sector, particularly in use and management of medical images.
  • Easier planning and monitoring of orthopaedic procedures.
  • Medical and anatomy students who are better prepared for working life.
  • Protection against eavesdropping, unauthorized data access and cyberattacks.


  • Faster diagnosis and treatment, especially in areas related to illnesses among the elderly.
  • More reliable diagnoses yield better care outcomes.
  • Increased access to specialists, regardless of where care is sought.
  • Increased security regarding patient data.

Society and citizens

  • Increased efficiency and quality in medical diagnostic imaging and patient care.
  • Increased cybersecurity in critical social functions.
  • Job opportunities and tax payments in the countries where we operate.
  • Research results that could contribute to a healthier and safer society.


  • Possibilities for making society healthier and safer.
  • Meaningful employment at an equal- opportunity workplace with dedicated and competent colleagues.
  • Different career paths and personal development.
  • Competitive employment terms and benefits.
  • Safe and healthy work environment.

Distribution partners and suppliers

  • Promote better, more effective patient care or increased cybersecurity by partnering with Sectra.
  • Expanded business opportunities.
  • Revenue and job opportunities.


  • Return generated by the increased social benefit Sectra creates.
  • Initiatives and investments in growing niche markets and growth areas that could contribute to returns over a long period.
40 years of stable & profitable growth