Why invest in Sectra

Being a shareholder in Sectra means an investment in products and services that are beneficial for life and society.

Sectra operates in the expanding niche segments of medical IT and cybersecurity—a combination that makes us unique. Our work enable hospitals and those training future healthcare personnel to improve their efficiency and thus take care of more patients and save more lives. In addition, we provide greater security for society’s most critical communication and IT systems which contributes to a more stable and secure society.

Seven good reasons to invest in Sectra

  • International niche markets with healthy growth
    IT for healthcare and cybersecurity for critical social functions are rapidly changing markets that society needs to invest in. This creates major growth opportunities for companies such as Sectra.
  • Stability, profitability and long-term growth
    Sectra has an over 45-year history of growth and profitability. Over half of the company’s sales comprise recurring revenue from long-term customer contracts.
  • Customer-focused corporate culture
    A corporate culture clearly focused on customer value and employees who are passionate about making a difference lead to satisfied customers. To safeguard our corporate culture, growth is primarily organic.
  • Strong brand with multinational reach
    Sectra is an established brand in niche areas where trust and stable products are highly important success factors. We have a multinational reach, with thousands of customers worldwide.
  • Innovation
    By maintaining a high pace of innovation and continuously investing in new products and services, as well as how they are packaged and delivered, we create value for our customers. We also have a self-financed portfolio of research and business projects with the potential to add significant value in the future.
  • Sustainable business model
    Contributing to a healthier and safer society is the foundation of Sectra’s operations and business model. Helping our customers improve the efficiency and quality of patient care and increase cybersecurity in critical social functions is our most significant contribution to a more sustainable society.
  • Long-standing owners and dedicated management
    Our principal owners, who have been involved in the company since the 1980s, are dedicated to the long-term development of the company, and all members of Group Management are shareholders in Sectra.

Sectra’s success is attributable to the fact that we always put the customer first. We solve customer problems within our areas of expertise and help them become more efficient by having a deep understanding of their daily processes and needs.

Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO

Value created for shareholders fiscal year 2022/2023

SEK 1.95

Earnings per share

SEK 1.10

Redemption price/dividend per share

Proposal to the 2023 Annual General Meeting


Total return on the share

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