What we do and why

Driven by knowledge and passion, our vision is to contribute to a healthier and safer society

Sectra offers products and services for diagnostic imaging operations and cybersecurity. We help hospitals around the world to become more efficient, enabling better patient care. We help government officials, diplomats and important societal functions to use modern technology without risking the security of sensitive information. Driven by knowledge and passion, our vision is to contribute to a healthier and safer society.


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Medical IT and cybersecurity — a unique combination

We are offering products and services within the medical IT and cybersecurity sectors. This combination makes Sectra unique and it’s a special asset on the healthcare market. Synergies and knowledge sharing between the operating areas are increasing, partly as a result of the growing need in the healthcare sectors to protect systems and patient data from unauthorized access and cyber attacks.

Why we exist — global social trends

The two most crucial global trends that lay the foundation for the underlying growth in Sectra’s niche markets are:

  • The world’s population development which poses a major challenge to the healthcare sector. In order to take care of more patients, and especially more elderly people, healthcare needs to accomplish more with the same or fewer resources.
  • A higher degree of digitization throughout society contributes to efficiency enhancements and simplify business and people’s everyday lives. However, development also leads to systems and information becoming more vulnerable to human error, information leaks, unauthorized data access and cyber attacks.
Group-wide strategies for sustainable growth
Group-wide strategies for sustainable growth

Customers first

Our customers are our highest priority. Working structured and long-term for high customer satisfaction is what creates commitment among our employees. It is through satisfied customers and committed employees that we create profitable growth.

The basis for how we create value for our customers, our employees, the society at large and therefore also our shareholders is a strong corporate culture that revolves around customer needs and a long-term approach in everything we do.

Innovation for sustainable growth

Sectra maintains a high pace of innovation and continuously invests in the new and ongoing development of its product offering in existing niches and related product areas. Development takes place in close dialogue with customers. Research projects are conducted together with universities, hospitals and strategic partners around the world. Solutions for digital pathology, computer-aided 3D trauma surgery and applications for image analysis based on artificial intelligence (AI) are examples of the results of successful collaborations.

  • 10–15% of consolidated sales are invested in R&D every year
  • 22 patent families in the Group

Ambition to become market leading

Sectra has customers in more than 60 countries worldwide. Sales are conducted in 19 countries through own offices across Europe, North America and Oceania as well as some 40 partners in various regions.

We believe that it is better to be big in a few countries than to be small in many. Our ambition is to be the largest or second largest supplier in the countries where sales are conducted through the company’s own offices. Accordingly, the Group’s long-term strategy is to continue to grow and become the leader in the segments and regions where the company conducts its own sales, supplemented with controlled growth initiatives in a small number of carefully selected markets carried out by the Group itself and through partners.

40 years of stable & profitable growth