Corporate governance

Sectra applies the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (“the Code”).

Governance structure at Sectra

Management and control of the Sectra Group is divided between the shareholders, the Board of Directors and the President. At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) shareholders exercise their voting rights to make decisions concerning the make up of the Board and other central issus in accordance with Swedish corporate legislation and Sectra´s Articles of Association. The propositions presented for approval by the AGM regarding election and fee matters are submitted by the company’s Nomination Committee, whose members are appointed in accordance with the decision of the AGM.

The Group’s Board of Directors decide on issues concerning major investments and matters concerning the Group’s strategic orientation and its organisation. The Chairman of the Board leads the activities of the Board and is responsible for ensuring that the other Board members regularly receive the information necessary to ensure that the quality of the Board’s activities is maintained, and that they are conducted in compliance with the Swedish Companies Act.

The President and Chief Executive Officer, appointed by the Group’s Board, upholds the operative control of the Sectra Group. The President provides the Board members monthly with the information needed to monitor the status of the Company and the Group and keeps the Chairman of the Board informed about the operations on an ongoing basis.The Executive Group management deals with Group-related issues in addition to operative matters related to the business areas.

Governance structure