Conversion period convertible debentures program 2018/2022

Conversion period for convertible debentures program to employees. Holders of Sectra AB’s 2018/2021 convertibles are entitled to convert their holdings into Class B shares. Conversion to shares is permitted between January 10–14, 2022. The program end January 31, 2022.

The figures stated below have been adjusted due to the share redemption programs implemented by Sectra and include changes related to the share split in September 2021 and the share redemption program in October–November 2021.

2018/2022 Employees

No. of series B shares: 34,860
Recalculated conversion price: SEK 73.50
Original conversion price (adjusted for split 5:1): SEK 75.36
Conversion period: January 10–14, 2022
Maturity date: January 31, 2022
Dilution at full conversion, capital: 0.02%



The application forms may only be used if your convertibles are in a securities account. If your convertibles are in custody in a deposit account with a bank or securities trader, contact your bank or securities trader for conversion.