Change of Market Cap Segment to Large Cap

The Nasdaq Nordic Exchange has reported that the annual review of its Nordic market capitalization (market cap) segments is completed. Effective January 4, 2021, Sectra (SECT B) will change segment to Large Cap Stockholm.

The Nasdaq Nordic Exchange annual reviews is based on the average market cap value in November. Companies belong to a market cap segment (Small-, Mid- and Large Cap) based on their average market value during the given review month. The market cap calculations are based on the total number of shares, i.e. both listed and non-listed shares, of a company. Companies with a market value exceeding EUR 1 billion are in the group of “Large Cap”, while companies with a market value smaller than EUR 150 million belong to “Small Cap”. Companies with a market value between EUR 150 million and EUR 1 billion belong to the “Mid Cap” segment.

Link: Nasdaq Nordic Exchange annual review och Market Cap segments 2020